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    hello anyone miss me. I've went to japan and was having a great time until I collapsed and was knocked out for almost two days been in the hospital, well actually I still am and im just really tired. Its been a month since Ive gotten on (or has it been longer than that) adisc cause i was getting sugery, I got part of my liver removed because of malnutrition. and the recorvery was a pain considering i couldn't move around or my body would be in shock if i got to excited. but on a brighter note my host family brought me my plushie, as soon i saw him i grabbed him and hugged him as tight as i could. There was a lot of laughing and teasing in the room before the nurse came in and told us to keep it down. since then ive gotten better but i still have to wait 3 more weeks until i leave the hospital. but its not all bad ( Im sharing a room with a really cute girl) plus i yu-gi bear with me to keep me occupied

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    welcome back sorry to hear what happen to you but at least things are getting better.

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