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    I haven't been on this site in 6 months. And there's a reason

    I was caught by my parents in April, and was banished from this fetish. My dad found out, and literally presented the used diapers he found in the trash to the whole family. He found out it was me, and made me spill the beans. Turns out my family is in the 1%, and my dad told my mom (with out my knowledge) and the two sent me to therapy. He found out again in June, when I tried to hide it, and again in July. So this long and behold, because my parents are divorced, I now longer live with my dad, and living with my mom is awkward in general. I see an awful lot of "Should I tell..." threads on here, and I'm just going to say don't. Seriously, this couldn't have gone any worse.


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    Well hang in there. I still haven't told anyone I know, but good luck with your situation.

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    I am a little unclear on the 1% thing you mentioned. Could you please elaborate a little more on what you meant? I am very sorry that your dad did what he did in front of the whole family. To me that suggests that, at some point in HIS past, someone showed him no mercy. That is just a downright mean thing to do. If he wanted to confront someone about that, there are better ways to do it.

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    I don't know about "1%" but I have come across a lot of people who see personal issues in terms of "black or white" and who will never be convinced that there are shades of grey. If you have a mindset that tells you "Diapers are wrong for anyone over the age of three" then you will be convinced that use by older people has to be because of something "abnormal" that has to be cured. The real problem with this way of thinking is that it is only ever used against issues people think they can be commended for disliking - no one ever criticises people who are "abnormally brave" or "abnormally efficient". The world would be a dull place if everybody thought and acted the same, and being different does not autmatically mean being wrong.

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    Awww, honey! I'm so sorry! That's horrible! I don't understand why people, nonetheless your own parents would do that to you! There's nothing wrong with you or liking diapers, so I hope your experiences the past couple of months haven't convinced you of that. I'm so sorry that all of this has happened to you and I would love to speak with you more about it if you'd be willing to or need a shoulder to cry on! I'm super sorry! Please Private Message if you'd like.

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    I am sad that your parents have such a problem with what is simply your choice of underwear.

    When I was 17, my mom found adult diapers in my room and asked me why I had them. I told her I liked to wear them and pee in them. She was dismayed that they weren't for packing material for things I had to ship. (I thought that was a pretty creative guess though!) She asked me what my "ritual" was, and I got thrown off a bit by that word. I said I didn't quite know what she meant - I just wear them when I can, I've worn to school and to work and changed in bathrooms when necessary, I like to pretend to need them even though I know I don't, and I don't wear them all the time because that becomes a boring hassle.

    She started to cry, expressed that she didn't know how to take this information, and told me "at least if you were gay then I could talk to my sisters about it, but I can't tell them about this", like she just found it so shameful. She offered to send me to therapy, but I said no - I don't have any questions or concerns that I am interested in talking about.

    She asked me to stop, and I said I would. This was the only thing I regret. I did stop for about two months, during which I did a lot of thinking and moping. About six weeks into it, I caught my mom's attention in private and tearfully told her that I wanted to talk about giving up wearing diapers. She asked me what I wanted to say, and I ran out of words and told her, "well, it has been really hard to do." I couldn't think of much more to say, and she never brought it up again.

    I lost the "battle" about two or three weeks after that. I also decided to quit beating myself up over it, and that even though I regret telling my mom I would quit and then not quitting, I decided not to tell her because she doesn't want to know.

    Be strong and hang on Balto! You're 17 and I figure you're probably about done with school. Once you move out and have great stories of college life or the working world to share with your parents when you call them once in a while, your underwear preference will hopefully be the last thing on their mind. :-)

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    Man oh man, i read your story and found it terribly heartbreaking.

    Who are they to tell you what you should and should not be doing?

    A divorce can be a very traumatic thing to experience so i feel it a little hippo critical for them to embarrass you like they did.

    I do not think they understand why you like it and they jumped to their own conclusions and decided there and then thats its wrong because its not normal(No such thing im afraid).

    This is not something that vanishes when you are told not to do something like this.

    I spend megabucks on psychologists and a psychiatrist and they told me what i thought all along.....

    I went out of guilt of being different and thought they would criticize this fetish,but boy was i wrong!

    I was encouraged due to it having a calming/relaxing effect and it actually alleviating the stresses of daily life,so please don't waste hard earned dough on therapy unless you actually want to stop.

    I get the sense that the guilt and negativity directed to you about this makes you feel a little down and depressed so perhaps you should go,only to put your parents at ease, and get yourself vindicated.

    You need to take care of your needs first so continue to make peace and accept this part of yourself.

    I wont guarantee that the therapist will side with you as everybody is different,but out of the 4 I have told, all have agreed with my reasoning.

    You are obviously going though a rough time so i send you light and positivity.(Cape Towns sunny weather does that automatically!)

    Hang in there man,there is nothing wrong with you.
    You are different in a good way!

    There is nothing wrong with it and nobody can dictate your sexuality or comfort preferences.
    I suggest you hide it not for yourself, but for others as the world is for the most part still a very 2 dimensional place, but im sure we will get there one day...

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    Butterfly Mage


    Balto: I feel for ya. I think my parents also quality for the 1% worst.

    Although my dad never found out about my DL tendencies, anything embarrassing he could find out about me he would tell to ANYONE who would listen -- family, friends, employers, clergy, etc. He actually called up my workplace once to tell my boss I was on psych meds and couldn't be trusted. He called my priest and said that as well. He never praised me for one single "A" I earned in school, but he sure did make sure everyone knew when I got a "F" in something. Likewise, he belittled me about being clumsy and having a speech impediment. But I never got a smidgen of praise for holding a job (starting at age 14), learning how to ride a motorcycle (age 17), learning how to fly a hang glider (age 19), or learning tae kwon do (age 21). I haven't spoken to him since age 23. Dad was, of course, completely unacceptable about me being gay and *not* being Baptist. He told everyone I was part of a cult (see, anything other than Baptist is "cult", doncha know?). Blech.

    But hey, when I almost got smashed to bits in a hang gliding accident, well, hey, then the Old Man was talking to EVERYONE about what a loser I was.


    All I can say, Balt, is that life does get better. Once you are out of school and on you own, you can have as much or as LITTLE contact with your parents as YOU choose. And remember, too, that as shabbily as they have treated you, it turns out that you're the one who gets to choose your parents' nursing home. Think about that. Let them think about that too.

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    S'ok Balt, after moving out, I disowned my father years ago for alot of the crap he'd pulled. I no longer care if he lives or dies. he treated me like crap growing up, beat me regularly as punishment for wrongdoing (note to parents that insist on corporal punishment on a child, make damn sure the child is truly at fault first, not just suspicions), and told me to "Make a Man" out of myself.

    This bastard generally pulled the same crap as yours did (not diapers necessarily, but really embarrassing stuff that was not necessarily wrong, immoral or illegal) having someone pull that number is, as far as I'm concerned, is at least as bad as a beating.

    I've always had a funny feeling when someone I know dies, I felt that one fall a couple years ago when my grandmother died. he neglected to let anyone concerned in the family know about it until nearly a year later. that was the last straw for me. He can die lonely for all I care.

    My mom and dad divorced whil I was 4, I'm still on good terms with her tho.

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    Man, this really sucks. Just hang in there and know that were here to supports you.

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