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    Ok so I am going to be home from college on my Fall break the next few days and I was thinking about going a day or two being diapered 24/7 cause I miss my diapers haha (I don't have any at college). So I was wondering what it is like being diapered 24/7 if anyone has done that. Like how was it, what did you do etc.

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    Some people love it, some people don't - the best way to find out is for you to try it Personally, I love it

    If you're going real 24/7 I'd recommend investing in some powder/cream - you want to avoid rashes. Try to spend a few hours a day un-diapered so that you can um.. air out a bit. Also helps if you plan your day in advance, so you know when/where you can change and so on.

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    i did it once its great, i didnt use cream only powder. i like it alot

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    I have never tried it .... that is because I mostly have goodnites and they don't hold much. Question.... Why not just bring them to school .... I do ... Its fine ... just make sure u got a nice place to hide them and don't make it obvious.

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    I did it once for about a week and I really enjoyed it. Just make sure your clean down there when you change.

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    Are you planning on messing or justt wetting? If you plan on messing, make sure to carry a change with you at all times. That would be good for wettinf, too, I suppose.

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    I tried it recently. I enjoyed it, but I don't seem to be as enthusiastic about it as some.

    I'm not that comfortable going out into public padded, so it confines me to home and I get antsy. I do love sleeping padded, though.

    I say, try and see for yourself. There are those of us in both camps. ^_^ Just be sure to keep clean!

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    I've done 24/7 a few times, but usually after two or three weeks I'm kinda over it. The first week is usually pretty fun, though.

    Echoing what others have said, make sure you clean yourself up well after changes. You can use powder or lotion or whatever, but it's not a necessity by any means, and personally, I find powder just makes it harder for me to clean myself up during a change (although it does smell nice, so I do use it sometimes). Personally, I fully advocate going out in public, hanging out with friends, et cetera et cetera in diapers. If you're going to try 24/7, then do it for reals, no hiding in your house. Go for it and get the full experience, and just throw a couple extras in a bag when you go out. Most importantly, though, is that you should stop at the store before you start your adventure and buy a tube of rash cream (get the Aveeno stuff rather than Desitin, as Desitin REEKS!). Hopefully you won't need it, but if you do, you'll have it, and trust me, it really does work.

    But yeah, if you have the opportunity, by all means try it! The worst thing that can happen is you decide that it's not for you.

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