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    I am new here and have been reading about this subject. I have wet my bed my entire life and 3.5 years ago decided I wanted to use diapers 24/7. The incontinence issue has taken along time and my road is not yet complete but I will say I will wet my diaper 40-50% of the time now and not notice until I feel the wetness. I am enjoying training my bladder to not even try and control my wetting which is getting there but not yet fully achieved. Fortunately I don't ever get diaper rash so the process for me is pure joy. I will say it is and probably will be a slow process for anyone to get there but I'm enjoying the ride.

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    Are you talking about being a continence person that transitions to incontinence of the bladder? IF so most say it'll take 2 years or so. You need to pee at the first sign, even if you'll leak and never hold back.

    I am interested in something like this down the road though i'm curious how it is for you. I hear some bad and some good, though diapers seem to be natural for me. I'm wearing one now and forget i am, it feels nice.

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    For me I have yet to discover the bad. Yes I have fallen asleep many times in my living room and wet beyond my diapers limits and have dealt with my wet pants and the fact I was probably seen. As far as becoming incontinent I am enjoying the transition completely. Many days now I will pause mid afternoon with a fairly wet diaper and can't remember how often or when it was I wet...........priceless!!!!

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