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  • Less than once a month (diaper deprived)

    15 15.79%
  • 1-2 times a month (I use them when I can get them)

    7 7.37%
  • 3-4 times a month (once in while)

    10 10.53%
  • 1-3 times a week (as much as I can)

    21 22.11%
  • 4-7 times a week (can't sleep without them)

    26 27.37%
  • 8+ times a week (all the time!)

    16 16.84%
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Thread: How often do you wear diapers?

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    Default How often do you wear diapers?

    On average, how often do you were diapers? For me up until this point it has been rare, but now that I have found a good hiding place, it will be becoming much more consistent.

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    All day... all night... every day... every night. I'm 24/7... and lovin it.

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    If I'm lucky, I can get one every 2-3 months.

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    When I have a bunch, I'll wear a lot...But if I only have a few, those could last for a while

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    When I had just got them after a long time without wearing it was more 1-3 times a week. However, I haven't got good disposal routes and I have realised that the ones I can get over here aren't that good so I reduced accordingly.

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    I use them at least once a week for now... but I hope to increase that number once I get a more regular routine to maybe three or four times a week

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    right now its like almost never but hoping to eventually be able to wear everyday or at least once a week

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    7 times a week or more. I can sleep with out them but i sleep with them anyway. But it usaly isnt like that. I just ordered from the pharmicy like 4 20 packs of depends so i will still be good for a cople of weeks but again it wasnt like that before.

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    I wear everyday, I don't need to, I just like to spend at least 5 hours a day wearing a diaper.

    It makes me happy so I do it.

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    I wear them every night for bed time and on my days off 24/7.

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