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Thread: Blood, Pain and Urge (*Graphic Details)

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    Question Blood, Pain and Urge (*Graphic Details)

    For the last couple days I have an urgency to pee with even a partially full bladder. This has resulted in involuntary incontinence on the way to the bathroom - thank goodness for diapers.

    Towards the end of urination a severe pain begins to develop in penis and the urinary tract wants to completely (post-urination) void, It gets to the point that it is even more painful to try to stop peeing even through the flow has stopped for about 5 seconds.

    Now at the end of the pain (post-urination) while I am still pushing blood begins to discharge.

    After about 20 seconds the pain starts to become less and I can 'close' the passage system and the dreadful process concludes with me hovering over the toilet wondering what is going on inside me.

    Side Note: I can also avoid the pain and blood discharge all together if I stop just before the pain starts and retain some urine in the system.

    What might be causing the severe pain to the point that I cannot even move or stop urinating until the bleeding ends?

    [I am heading to the uroligist, today and see if their is a no-show and I can get in to get a professional opinion. In the meantime, I was looking to get feedback from everyone. Thanks.]

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    I second Ashley. Don't waste your time posting about all of this on a "fetish"-forum, act and go to the doc's/hospital right away! I cannot understand why people keep doing that, share such stuff with random people who are clearly no experts! It's just like "My pet is so sick what should I do" or "I want to die". And I don't mean that in an offending way! But common sense would tell you that if you have such severe problems and there's even blood involved and all, you should go see someone about it and not wait. This, at least in my opinion, is an emergency case so I'm also surprised at your pretty relaxed attitude of "let's see if I can get in".

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    Time to see a doctor. I would personally be getting someone to drive me to the emergency room if I had pain and blood after urination, and I'm one of those people who tries to come up with reasons to avoid going to the emergency room. Retaining some urine to avoid pain and discharge is not a solution; it shouldn't be happening in the first place and it is not good to retain urine, anyways (can result in infections).

    Just go--see a medical professional, please.

    EDIT--just saw that you are going to the urologist. Good, hope they can fit you in; if you make it very clear that you are in pain and bleeding, they will hopefully make it a priority to find time.

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    Sounds like a urinary tract infection. Go yo your doc.

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    Just like everyone else said, go to the doctor ASAP. There is absolutely zero time to waste.

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    And please post for us how it went :-) We want to know you're doing better. Good luck!

    I had a UTI once, and it involved some yellow-green gunk and very cloudy urine but no blood. The pain wasn't as strong as yours, but it sounds similar. I got some prescription antibiotics and it cleared up within a week.

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    I got to the urologist this morning and was prescribed Cipro.

    Was told that it is likely a UTI as mentioned above and they will know on Monday as they have to send the tests out for confirmation.

    For the record I posted this thread as I was leaving to the doctor and was just looking for feedback as I sat in the waiting room once I got the doctors office. And thank you all for your feedback.

    I will update next week.

    Again thank you all for your comments. I knew someone likely had similar experience.

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    generally, when blood is coming out of orifices that it definitely shouldn't, then you should go to a doctor immediately.

    just a lil life experience...

    glad to hear that it's being taken care of, though.

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    Well I did not get a call from their office this week. So either it was a simple infection and the Cipro took care of the issue or I fell in the cracks. Think I will call them tomorrow or Monday.

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