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Thread: pattern for over-diaper shorts?

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    Default pattern for over-diaper shorts?

    im wondering if anyone has made a sort of enlarged pair of undies in a fleece or cottone just to be worn over a nappy incase someone sees your butt while your sleeping? currently my biggest worry and thinking it might help me sleep w/better :P

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    Your thread title and post seem to contradict a little. Are you looking for a shorts type of pattern or a diaper cover? I do know where you can get some patterns for cheap if you are looking to sew your own clothing.

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    sorry i mean basically a pair of shorts, not a diaper cover as in for over a cloth diaper

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    I often wear sweat shorts as they are baggy. I don't have to hide the fact as I sleep with my wife diapered, but they are convenient. After my shower, I have something to wear back to the bedroom.

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