Today's update makes the following improvements:

  • Fixed a bug which could cause a "leave/stay" popup to appear for no good reason
  • Ages (for those users who elect to show them on posts) now also show up on blog entries
  • The "Create Group" button no longer appears for people who can't create groups
  • Searching should no longer result in an error in certain rare cases
  • Refreshing a page with text in the quick reply box should no longer cause the text to reappear
  • The very rare bug (only about two cases) of someone getting a notification that never goes away is now fixed
  • Certain editing icons (e.g: for blogs) now appear even when your mouse is not close to them
  • Another very rare bug which could cause members to get a white page is now fixed
  • Article comments now show members' names in the correct colors

If you encounter unexpected issues after the update, let me know by posting in Admin Stuff.