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Thread: Question about a certain video game system

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    Question Question about a certain video game system

    The video game system that I am talking about is the xbox 360 I want too know if there is anyone on here that has one and xbox live?

    P.S. If anyone wants mine gamer tag, and that won't give me bad rep. I will give them my gamer tag only if they ask me nicely that is when I will give my gamer tag to them and who knows I might give them good rep on here and good rep on xbox live too

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    First of all...Use the search button, and post here:

    Second of all, don't ask for no negative rep, and don't bribe positive rep

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    I literally couldn't understand anything he wrote -.-, what exactly do you want, and please take your time typing, thanks.

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    Have a nice day , click pojos thread it shall help you out!


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