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    Anyone still play that game? I had to look up a definition for "tremulous" in English today, and it gave me a video for the game. I thought it looked pretty cool, so I downloaded it, but quickly ran into a problem: no one was on any of the servers >.<

    Does no one play it anymore, or was I just on at a wrong time?

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    I tried it out a while back, and enjoyed that you could opt to play a human or a monster. The main drawback is that the servers I found were tournament free-for-alls which aren't much fun for novices. The secondary drawback is that they didn't have the first-person visuals for the monsters finished: You could log in as a monster, and do damage to humans, but you didn't get to see the claw/mandible/etc. In addition to not being graphic, this made learning to use claws/mandibles/etc harder.

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