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Thread: How Discreet?

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    Default How Discreet?

    Does anyone know how discreet underjams or goodnites are? I'm only wondering because I just ordered both.

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    You ordered samples of both?

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    I heard they aren't really discreet...At least the Underjams aren't

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    They're both pretty tight on your average 14 year old and silent in your every day out and about environment. Just be mindful of your waist line.

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    Wait...Is this discreet about wearing, or shipping? My answer was towards shipping

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    If you mean wearing: I know all about Goodnites. I've worn them for... about 12 years now. Probably a little longer.

    Anyway... they are fairly slim. They don't bulk too much so they won't show too well if you're wearing something like jeans. They can be noisy sometimes but not as noisy as most other diapers. Just watch your waistline though. Wear something like boxers over your Goodnite (it WILL show).

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    There is not too much to a goodnight, untill it starts to get wet, after that unless your wearing looser type clothing it will be noticed.

    I went thru a pack of goodnights, I liked them, I tought they were great, after I added a tena guard, but didn't hold much without it.

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    Goodnites are good for me it takes a full wetting and doesnt bulge much but be careful if it gets to full and you close your legs it might just leak...also watch the waistline it can pop out sometimes.

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    I mean shipping wise not wearing because all my shirts are long and all my pants are baggy.

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    You could be in for some trouble because they both come in packages saying underjams made by pampers, and i believe its close to the same for goodnights.

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