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    I'm currently living in a shelter home for disabled adults here in the Tacoma WA area. One of the house rules here is that you do have to wear a medical Id tag or bracelet that states your medical needs. I didnt think that it would directly mention my incontinence but it does. It reads "HIGH BLOOOD PRES, URINRARY INCONTINENT, ADULT DIAPERS." Im kind of embarrassed about it but it is the house rule so I am wearing it. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen to them, Im not in a real nursing home yet!!

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    From my English perspective this is clearly wrong and an infringment of your personal rights. I would hope you were asked to agree the content of any badge that makes a publically assessable statement about you. There is also a real misconceprion at work here - it is useful and legitimate the ask people in a communal living situation to wear a bracelet or badge that identifies medical needs in case of emergence - it is also a good idea to wear one anyway because it could save your life or stop inappropriate treatments being given. What is wrong is to describe "urinary incontinence" as a medical need - at worst it is a social need or a symptom or a condition - but not something that needs to be on your bracelet. Maybe your home might not agree with me on that, but what is absolutely inexcusable is to put "adult diapers" on the bracelet. This is in no way likely to help a clinician reach a diagnosis in an emergency.

    Maybe one of the continence support organisations in the USA would be a good source of information and support for oyu in t6his - for instance: Simon Foundation for Continence Homepage

    I feel quite angry on your behalf!

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    What is your disability? Why can't you live outside of a shelter home?

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    I wear an ID bracelet as an organ donor. And as a lifetime bedwetter I have chosen to include ENURESIS on mine. I was working with some kids who took a look at it and asked what that word meant. When I told them it opened a lively discussion about the problems they had with bedwetting - and the bracelet was commended as COOL, REAL COOL!

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    Great Vaslav - but there is every difference between choosing to put a condition on a ID tag and having it made mandatory by someone else - especially if no discussion takes place.

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    Totally agree dayannight. My fault responding to medical ID in general rather than breach of human rights in dlgene's particular plight. Apologies all round - should have started new discussion thread. Newbie!

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    vaslav, no need to apologize - your story was good and relevant. dayannight was pointing out a difference between the situations, but I don't think he was trying to imply that your post was in the wrong thread. It was very much appreciated!

    It reminds me of a quote I saw by a French comedian. I can't find the quote again at the moment, but it said something like: "When I was young, I was a bedwetter and I was very ashamed. ... I'm still a bedwetter, but now I'm proud!" :-) Those kids probably enjoyed the chance to openly talk about something that's usually barely mentionable.

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    Just to confirm there was nothing in my mind about Vaslav's post being in the wrong thread - sorry if I gave that impression. I am really encouraged by Vaslav's experience and will post elsewhere so that i don't make the same mistake and hijack this thread!

    The cooment about the French comedian reminded me of a question from a doctor "Do you have a problem bedwetting?" - to which the reply was - "No, not at all, I find it happens very easily".

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    dayannight, whisko: great quotes, just what I like. Attitude is all! - "wash & go, walk tall, & get a life" is what I try to do.

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