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Thread: Help needed (probably from girls!)

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    Default Help needed (probably from girls!)

    So... I'm going out on Saturday night for the first time in FOREVER and I need something to wear!

    I don't know why I'm asking here, since it's mainly guys, but I'm REALLY really desperate!

    We're going to a few pubs in the afternoon, then for food, then a few more pubs, but I'm also going to a nightclub AFTERWARDS with a different group of friends.

    I need to wear something that's appropriate for both pubs, meal and nightclub, and getting changed in between isn't going to happen.

    Any ideas?

    Also, as an aside, I really want to buy a playsuit (not an AB one, a fashionable one) but they're more summery, do any of you know of any shops that are still selling them? I don't want to go online because I'm not sure what size/style will suit me.


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    well if you are going to so many different places, for one i would suggest a dark pair of jeans. its comfortable and you won't have to wear sandles that will kill your feet if you were to wear a dress. Also maybe flats, nicer than tennis shoes, comfortabler than heels. and a nice cotton blouse, i would say black or a darker color would be better i mean incase you get food droped on you and if there is dancing at this night club, sweat won't be so noticable. also it is easier to wash than other materials. then a jacket incase it gets cold. don't know if this helps much hope it does (:

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    It does a little bit. I do like the idea of wearing darker colours - much more versatile!

    Unfortunately, where I live jeans really aren't acceptable wear for a nightclub!

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    Men should read this thread and thank GOD for our American Express outfit of jeans & shirt being acceptable everywhere...

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    Well, not sure what is acceptible there in the UK, but I would go in a mid length skirt with a graphic tee or button up not-completely-formal blouse. Put a fashionable long sleve jacket over. Personally, I would end up wearing boots or sneakers, but that's my natural urge to rebel against formal standards. some comfortable flats should be fine.

    Damn. Now I want those Pink Hi Cut boots. Damn designer prices.

    Oh, and LEGGINGS!

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    Leggins and a skirt with a nice top. Then take off the leggings for the club.

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    So, what outfit did you decide to wear, and how did your evening go ? I hope you had a good night out.

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    The answer to this is almost always going to be a fitting LBD or something with a mid thigh looser skirt. The LBD and a structured jacket is always the last minute answer.

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