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Thread: hello everyone.

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    Default hello everyone.

    hello everyone im new on adisc and thought i should introduce myself so here goes.

    i still live with my mom and dad im not going to school and am looking for a parttime job and a education that suits me.

    Im pretty shy and get easily upset so i dont really have much friends or anything and i mostly just stay inside reading.

    Im an AB and i do wear diapers when i get the chance and some other stuff....

    I came across this site a few times and decided to make an acount and thats it i gues.

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    Welcome to Adisc.

    May your time here be filled with enlightenment and positivity.

    This is a great place to share your thoughts and feelings toward being an AB and of course this place is about sooooooo much more then that too...

    How about sharing your interests such as favorite books,movies and other hobbies.

    Im sure you will find alot of people with similar interests.


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    Hey lilkimmy. Glad to have yet another person join the site. Like Luckyfish said, this site isn't about just diapers and the sort. It's just about...well...everything with diapers as a fetish everyone here has. Also, I saw that you joined
    my newest group, "Diapers and Things are a Wish". Thank you for joining. If ya want, send me a friend request and we can talk anytime.

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    lilkimmy, do you know where you got your avatar. The fountain in the background is very entrancing.

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