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Thread: What do you eat ADSIC?

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    Default What do you eat ADSIC?

    Thoughts inspired by XboxGamer123's thread got me wondering as this is a world wide fourm in a world of food both good and not so good for us. A brief poll at work showed everyone has vastly different eating habbits.
    What did you eat today?
    I'll do two days to get things started.
    Yesterday 7AM a cup of coffee,(black), 9AM another cup cold and black with my aleregy pill and a pack of peanutbutter crackers. Noon a fish sandwich with potato salid & an unsweetened ice tea. 2PM another cold black coffee. 8PM chineese take out, pork & veggies with pork fried rice & two glasses of red wine.9:30 PM 1/3rd of a brownie & 1/2 glass red wine.
    Today as all work days the same except a corned beef sub with horseradish for lunch and a chef's salid for dinner.

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    I'm sorry to immediately lower the tone - and set the bar of unhealthiness - with mine...

    Across today - between the hours of 10am and 2am - I have consumed:

    Six slices of toast
    A cheese sandwich
    Two beefburgers (no buns, just a cheese single on top) and chips ('fries' to you lot)
    A handful of Jelly Babies
    A two-litre bottle of Pepsi Max
    2 x 500ml bottles of water

    And that's it.

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    Lets see, breakfast I had a salami, onion and pepper-jack cheese omelet. For lunch I made 2 homemade burgers(not preformed patties) on the George Forman grill. And for dinner I had salisbury steaks in a cheese sauce with mashed potatoes and broccoli smothered in cheese. Oh yeah, did I mention the burgers had swiss on them. I think you can tell that I am not lactose intolerant.

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    Since I was ill today I didn't have much of an appetite.

    I ate today:
    Mash potatoes,stuffing,and one pork chop.
    As a dessert I ate a bowl of fruity pebbles and like 3 cookies~

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    Today? (Yesterday by now, since it is 04:00am):

    Morning: 2 slices of toast with peanut butter. That was it.
    Lunch: 1X crisps.
    Dinner: Chicken Casserole! (YUCK!!!).

    Yeah, I don't really eat much. I don't really have a 'big' appetite.

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    breakfast (5am):
    Oatmeal, toast with peanut butter, apple, large glass of water
    post-6 am workout:
    two cliff bars and a protein shake
    carton of milk, fries, salad, turkey & bacon sub, apple and 3 bottles of water
    after school/band:
    1 white chocolate mocha & a powerade
    Japanese pan noodles with sauteed beef, 2 powerades, 1 sweet tea and a protein shake

    i have to eat a lot because i'm gaining mass for hockey :3

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    I eat just about anything that's meant to be edible

    Today I had blueberry jam (I frikkin love blueberries ) on 2 slices of thick white toast and a cinnamon & raisin bagel for breakfast, just had a packet of Discos (crisps) and a cheese spread sandwich in white bread.
    Far as I'm aware dinner tonight will be turkey Jalfrezzi curry with white rice and naan.

    I'm likely to squeeze in a cake of some sort for desert and 1L bottle of banana milk and half a chocolate bar too before bed.

    Edit: If we're including drinks then daily average is 6 mugs of tea, 3 pint glasses of ribena and 2 cups of coffee.

    might also have a glass of rum & coke if i feel like it in the evening too, though not every day.

    As for ADISC, I think ADISC eats normal *B/DL's and turns them into furries

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    In no particular order the last 24 hours have been: spaghetti with mushrooms, ham and Branston sandwich, toast and Marmite (2 slices), about 6 mugs of coffee (first of the morning with sugar, the rest plain white), a Mars bar, two chocolate digestive biscuits.


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    For breakfast today I had very runny golden syrup flavour porridge. I can't stand the gloopy consistency, so I always add extra milk... it's kinda like soup.
    For dinner (or lunch, if you're posh) I had four slices of wholemeal toast, two with jam, two with just butter.
    For tea (or dinner, if you're posh) I'm having pasta and meatballs.

    It is quite rare for me to have three set meals like that.

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    Today, I have eaten a bowl of Weetos, a bowl of tomato soup, and a yogurt. And to drink, I've had, a glass of orange squash, and a 440ml can of Mountain Dew.

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