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    hi i would just like to ask is anybody in australia having the same problem as me trying to find clothes and things to do with adult babies or do u know of a good place to obtain these items etc

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    Hi Ewok. I'm not from Australia, but I can offer this advice about clothing in particular: finding ABDL clothing is a pain in the butt no matter where you live. There aren't too many places that sell them, they're often super expensive, and I've heard mixed reviews from people regarding quality. You might be able to get international shipping, but that would just add to the already high cost.

    Because of this, a lot of people have resorted to making their own clothing. Granted, your options are pretty limited if you aren't skilled with a sewing machine, but you can at least make some of the basics, like onesies, with fairly minimal effort and at a low cost.

    I would check ebay for things like plastic pants, pacifiers, and other basic stuff like that. There's a separate site for Australia, but the selection there is much more limited. There may be a few online retailers located in AU or willing to ship there, but I'm afraid don't know of them.

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