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    for all who read my intro and wanted to participate in my survey, This survey shall be made into statics for my psychology research paper. No names (even user names) will be in my paper. sorry i can't give out public contact info....just found out, but these are the questions, you can answer them on the thread...or preferbally you can answer them by sending me a private message..if you can that is Thankyou all for putting up with my difficult instructions, not use to using forums or nothing so thankyou (:

    1. male or female?
    3. sexuality?
    4.How do you feel about being an infantilist?
    5.How is your relationship with your mother?
    7. How is your relationship with your father?
    8.Have you ever been abused? (physically or emotionally?)
    9. Have you ever been neglected (deprived of basic psychical or emotional needs/left for long periods of time alone)? you believe your parents have pushed you to grow up to fast? or pushing to much responsibility to you when you were younger?
    11. Are you a perfectionist?
    12.Do you always strive to do better never satisfied with where your at?
    13. At what age did you begin to have infantile feelings?
    14. What age do you pretend you are, and how involved in it are you?
    15. How many people know about your infantile ways?
    16 If you had one wish what would it be? (doesn't have to involve infantilism, or regression but can)
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    Ah, a global psychological survey. I wish you success and happiness on your assignment, but I am afraid you are implying correlations tbetween infantilist/fetishistic tendencies that can't be assumed; not trying to be mean or negative at all, but at the same time, even truthful answers to your questions (which I will go on to answer ) - and in sufficient numbers to be statistically meaningful - may not shed the light you hope on the origins of our desires, not why they continue, and how they are incorporated into our personalities as we age and/or mature. (I am certainly aging. I am less certain I am maturing.)

    Rather than trying to explain ourselves to the outside world, very often we ask the same kinds of questions in an effort to understand ourselves better; I have this impression about you. It's a natural urge, and one to be commended. It reminds me of a 70's song I learned in French class; the lyrics in translation read in part,

    "Take a look at yourself, and you can look at others differently...
    Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea."

    The lyrics seem a propos... plus it's a Sunday School song about Jesus, suitable for one who's thinking of ministry work. After it I'll get back to the survey.

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    Can I see your consent form first? You know, the one that no reputable program would ever let you do this without?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFox View Post
    Can I see your consent form first? You know, the one that no reputable program would ever let you do this without?
    I would like to see it too, when I do, I'll PM you my answers if I see fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersam1223 View Post
    I would like to see it too, when I do, I'll PM you my answers if I see fit.
    I'm assuming it doesn't exist. Yes, I've had profs do the "ask your friends about X" type assignments. NEVER did they involve questions like "did your parents neglect you?". The way we regulate research in the US since the Belmont report could get the OP in deep shit for doing this kind of research and submitting it for a grade.

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    No, there is no consent form, i figured because it was online no real names are given, and that people by their own choice answered the questions and it was anonymous in my paper and to others onsight then it would not be a problem. i am sorry to all who might have been offended by my questions, and to all those who did participate. i have not reached enough participants to come up to even a decent percentage finding for statistics before i must finish my papers. Thankyou all who did help me, i did learn a little more about myself, but my findings in my paper will be considered inconclusive.

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