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Thread: R.I.P Steve Jobs...

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    Default R.I.P Steve Jobs...

    ... For all Apple's flaws it is undeniable that Jobs and his company brought the world forward.

    He will be missed. and died so young. Such a shame.

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    Yea I heard about that the second I walked into the door my step dad jumped out and told me he died. Im not much of an apple fan, but he was a god person who playing a key role in bringing technology to where it is today.

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    The man was in terrible health. He had to step down after having a liver transplant in 2009. He had pancreatic cancer in 2004, something very, very few survive. I know personally, because it claimed my grandfather.

    If anything, he's probably catching a break from what I don't doubt was a daily struggle to pretend his body wasn't in revolt.

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    Man was a genius, sad that we lost him.

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    Wow.... just learned this here- then again I've been busy and I do agree that he will be missed. The man was a revolutanary and ahead of his time. Wow...


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    Wow. That is so sad. I agree with everyone else. Im not an Apple guy (except iPod and iPhone) but he was a brilliant man. Hopefully someone else can step up to the enormous boots he left behind.

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    He was such an amazing visionary. There are so many things we use in technology that Apple developed. All the apps and icons we click on, without a thought, were developed at Paolo Alto many years ago. How many of you can remember accessing your programs by having to type c: and a long string of nonsense? Now we just click and think nothing of it.

    I bought our first Apple II e in 1984 and it cost over $3000.00. I had to assemble all the cards and screw in the connectors. But all the cool things I could do with it! The first game I played was Wizardry and it was a blast. I soon had my two sons playing it as well. I kept track of my choirs addresses, mailing labels, and wrote letters using Claris Works.

    Thanks Steve for your wonderful invention, your insight and vision. You changed the world. Now I hope your pain and suffering is ended, and you are in a better place with bigger and better toys to play with. You will be missed.

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    It's quite sad, I've been a huge fan of Apple and it seems an era as ended. For those who didn't know he also acquired the graphics group later known as Pixar.

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