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Thread: Reward Programs?

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    Default Reward Programs?

    Hey guys, so I was just wondering if there were any other coupon enthusiasts and reward program users out there.

    For example I am a member of the following:

    Does any body else do this? I was able to snag a free year subscription this morning for Popular Mechanics! Awesome right? One of my other favorite things I have redeemed are Amazon giftcards and movie tickets. So tell us, are you a coupon enthusiast? Enter every sweepstakes? Use Reward Programs? Tell us some of your best deals or just share information.

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    My wife and I will use coupons if we get them. I love restaurant off coupons as we go out to eat two times a week. You can also save money at the grocery store, which is well worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    My wife and I will use coupons if we get them. I love restaurant off coupons as we go out to eat two times a week. You can also save money at the grocery store, which is well worth it.
    I couple weeks ago I had some buy 1 get 1 free 6"inch sub at Subways, which was pretty awesome. Also I managed to score 2 buffets at Cicis Pizza for $4! Getting a good deal is addicting. I've found that singing up for the restaurants online club usually equals some pretty cool stuff. If you sign up at Ihop you get a free meal just for singing up!

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    I use coke rewards but I don't buy coke that often since I perfer dr.pepper and other less popular drinks.

    Best reward program though so far is the one I get from my blood bank. Give blood (costs nothing), get free snacks directly after and then get free gift cards for ice cream and more. Yes please.

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    I have a CVS card...

    that's about it... and it was only because the woman at the counter asked me every time if I had one.

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    i went shopping the other day with my '6 off, when you spend 40 or over'. sticking as close i could to my list and limit and with only a token gesture to satisfying Cake-belly, the total came to 37-odd. "ohhh, nooo! i wanted to use my voucher!", i exclaimed, loudly and despondently, to the amusement of the other shoppers.
    "you can always go and get something else", said the till-lass. i looked at the queue, they looked at me, and i just couldn't think of anything else we needed. a DVD would've been the easiest thing to get, being the closest, but nowt took my fancy (and i doubt that DVDs and CDs would've been allowed). i should've got some Heinz beans, but they're at the other end of the store.
    i just hung my head and paid up.

    i only went there because i had a bloody voucher!!!!! and i walked past nearly all the cakes, chocolates and biscuits!

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    The other day I went to Wal Greens when they h ad their buy 1 get one half off sale for diapers. Darn right! Walked right in there, paid for the diapers and walked out,,a bag under each arm, LOL

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    Well for only $12 a year, that's only $1 a month you can get an AMC Stubs card and get great rewards like free upgrades on your popcorn and soda, there is no limit to the amount of upgrades you can get per visit. Then for every $100 you spend at box office and the concession stand you get $10 back. The $12 you pay also goes toward the $100 you are trying to get.

    This is the only reward card I have. Unless you count frequent visitor cards to restaurants where if you buy so many you get 1 free.

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    i use something at a local gas station/convenience store called Speedy Rewards.
    it's free, and if you register, then for every 5th or so drink, or 6th or so food item (they have a little hot food center, it's AMAZING), then you get the next one free.
    on top of those, for everything you buy at that store (gas included) then you get points for it. you can use those points to get even MORE stuff. its pretty cool

    (also, everything there is usually cheaper than other stores anyway! *epicwin*)

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    I forgot to mention, I use a Cost Cutters rewards card. Every haircut I buy, I get a punch-out in my reward card. 10 haircuts and my 11th one is free. Not a half bad deal

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