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    Default Saving the Best for Last

    I just recieved some sample packs in the mail that I bought from XPmedical. I got the Abena Abriform, the Abena Abriflex pull up, and the Dry 24/7's. I also just a few weeks ago made some free sample requests for the Tranquility ATN, the Attends brief, and the Tena underwear (it was free, so why not?).

    I have decided that I will try them out from least absorbant and ending with the most, starting with the abriflex (I'm not going to wait for the Tena underwear to arrive before I start trying out the goodies) and ending with the Dry 24/7. I'm pretty psyched. It's like christmass in October!

    Do you think that I will get the most enjoyment starting with the least absorbant and working my way up?

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    I believe that is a reasonable and methodical way to compare and contrast the selections you've listed.

    I also believe that, as did I, you will choose the Dry 24/7 as your favorite among those listed.

    My top three is descending order, Dry 24/7, Unique Wellness, and the former champ Abena X-plus now bringing up the rear, no pun intended. :p

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