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Thread: Who would you choose?

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    Default Who would you choose?

    Ok you can pick anyone. Who would you choose to spend the night cuddled up to on the sofa in a diaper watching T.V?

    I would have to choose Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon.


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    i would have to choose some friendly fat kid, because fat kids are so cuddly. seariously, give a fat person a hug, and it will be the softest hug of your life.

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    I have a fat friend, she is "fluffy" but I would probobly do it with one of my hot Asian friends.

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    There are several boys (one in particular) whom I'd love to watch TV and cuddle with, though not in diapers (diapers are a private thing for me).

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    It's cold outside, so I'd choose a person who generates a lot of body heat!! Plus I'd feed that person lots and lots of bottles of water/milk/whatever to add more heat via the other person's diaper :p

    Other than that, I'm not choosy. So please apply here if you fulfill the above requirements!


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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post
    Everyone on this forum. lol
    Awww *cuddles*.

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