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    Being curios one night, I found a classified ads website and decided to search breast feeding supplies and I found that mothers with an over abundance are selling their milk. Question is: would you ever buy from someone online selling this and do you think it would better the regressing experience?

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    I prefer... wait for it... mudders milk. All the nerds here will like that.
    Anyways, no. Frankly, it sounds gross and breast feeding isn't part of my fantasies anyways.

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    You would need to be very careful there are alot of freaks out there you never know what you might get. I think if it was someone you could have contact with and medical records I might think about it. I think it would be great for a regressing experience.

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    I would have to say i'd prefer actually being nursed by someone. It's one of my fantansies so far. I do have others. But if it came down to it and I actually needed some mothers milk I would buy it from someone who's selling their milk. I guess for me it all depends on when i would be able to get the milk.

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    Breastfeeding is nice, with or without the milk. Getting a stranger's bodily fluids in the mail is beyond creepy. Unless it were necessary for some rare ailment/allergy/nutritional need.

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    I agree that I wouldn't buy breastmilk from a stranger. Please realize drugs (prescription and recreational) pass through breastmilk.

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    This thread is giving me flashbacks to a Piers Anthony short story called "In The Barn". It is about an alternate reality where all mammals except humans have died from some strange disease. The poor are made into a slave class that are more animal than human. 90 percent of the males are killed at birth while the women are kept alive as milking stock. A small piece of the back of their tongue is cut after birth so that they cannot develop the ability to form words. They are housed in barns and treated just like cattle with automatic milking machines. A very disturbing story to say the least.

    So to answer your question, no I don't think I'd ever buy some one's Mother's Milk, homogenized or not.

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    Nursing is an integral part of regression for me at this point. It was one of the first things that brought my Mommy and me together. I was staying at her place in Vegas for a few days (before I moved here) and I was pretty much regressed the whole time I was there. We weren't together yet (she's never been into the ABDL scene, she was just a friend I was crashing with for a few days), but she had a soft spot for my littleness and had expressed a desire to want to breastfeed me. She asked if I'd like to try it and I was more than willing. It was an amazing bonding experience for the both of us. That started a chain reaction of bonding experiences that have since tied us tightly together.

    She wanted to produce milk so she could actually feed me as opposed to merely participating in the act of nursing. She read online about hormones that she could take to induce lactation, but when she spoke to our doctor about it, he told her it was way too risky for him to deal with.

    I am not upset about not being able to breastfeed. I am totally satisfied with the act of nursing. If I have the urge to be fed by her, it's completely satisfied with my bottle anyway. She doesn't feel the same, however. When she found out that it would be too risky to artificially induce lactation, she was visibly upset. As a devoted Mommy, nourishing me of her own self is something that is really important to her, and if it's important to her, it's important to me.

    Even though it's something that's important to us, buying a random's breastmilk wouldn't make our situation any better. Obviously it's the act itself and the one-to-one nourishment that is far more important than the existence of ANY breast milk. I mean, cow's milk is breast milk...

    The flavor of the milk isn't important to me, so going as far as to buy a stranger's breast milk, even if they were legit, seems like it would be dishonest in a way. All of the mothers out there who wish to nourish their children with breast milk for nutritional reasons, but cannot produce it are the ones who really need milk donors.

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    no thanks :/ That's just a bit weird. I'm perfectly okay with my chocolate milk <3

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    Yeah, I would tend to think that when it comes to regression with mother's milk, getting the milk from the source would be 99% of the experience!

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