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Thread: Brands Tena slip Maxi, Abena abri san 6, drynites

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    Smile Brands Tena slip Maxi, Abena abri san 6, drynites

    Hi! I have recently bought Tena slip Maxi, Abena abri san 6 and drynites. I wonder if they are good brands, have someone tried them before? I found rewievs in this forum about Tena slip Maxi but nothing about Abena abri san 6 and drynites. Can someone who tried them make a short review?

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    I'm wearing Tena slip maxi, I well know them, at least 15 years, it's the best diapers.
    Recently this brand in france has lost its plastic and become cotton like, I don't like it.
    the absorbancy is very heavy, the diaper become very thick every time you pee in.
    You'd be surprised, a very good deal.
    I buy my tena slip maxi in Italia, they are in plastic :-)
    Can you tell me if in sweden the tena slip are in plastic or cotton like.
    Thank you

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    Do you mean the plastic on the outside?, if so yes they are I by them here sorry its in swedish but there is a picture on it, you can look and see if they are similar to yours if you want to. I havent got them yet, but im really exited to try them out when they comes, thanks by theway for your answer and the review

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    To be honest if you have the tena slips I kinda fail to see the reason why you would want drynites.

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    I agree. Tena Slip Maxi are my primary diaper purchase and they fulfil all my needs. What good are Drynites, as well?

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    Agree Tena slip maxi are comfoprtable and effective. Compared to many cheaper brands they are so superior as to be worth the extra money.

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    i have tean slip maxi and drynites, but i find the tenas so much better, the drynites i had before i got the tenas.

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    Thanks for your answers this helped me much. Im quite new to this and have not recieved them yet from my order. I have heard that the drynites are also great from swedish sites. I just wondered wich one is better (Tenas or drynites), i bought both drynites and tenas to try and see for myself.

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    Tena slips and drynites are completely different diapers.

    The drynites are meant for like children up till like 16-ish and are designed to be as discreet as possible and consequently don't really absorb a whole lot.

    The Tena slip maxis on the other hand are proper adult diapers, they will hold a LOT more and will probably fit you better. They lack the nice prints you get on the drynites though ;p

    I can't comment on the Abri San 6 as I've never tried them (or any other pads like them).

    It's always nice to try various different brands of diapers, you'll find different uses for them. For example, if you want the thrill of wearing in public but a next to zero chance of getting caught then the drynites will come in handy.

    When are you expecting them to be delivered and have you made proper arrangements for making sure you get to the door first and then hiding them? (that is if you don't have your own place ofcourse)

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    I think it takes about a week to recive them, because i just made the order. It will not be delivered to my door, so I will go and get it at the closest store. I still live with my family and they knows all about it, and they accepts me as i am.

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