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Thread: Rainbow bodies (interesting!)

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    Default Rainbow bodies (interesting!)

    So I was on Google searching for good ways to soul search, and I came upon this article! (It's relatively short so please read!)

    Soul Search | Mind & Brain | DISCOVER Magazine

    There's another link on this same page that goes more in depth about researchers and what not.

    I personally think this is extremely interesting. One can sometimes think of there being crackpots who want to push their religion onto others and on the world, and this could be possible in this case, but...I don't know. I like to rationalize things and I don't think villagers from rural, remote Eastern Tibet would have the desire to force their religion. Plus, it involves Buddhism; you never hear followers of Buddhism arguing, now do you?

    I don't mean to offer something offensive to strong Christians, but maybe this really was linked to Jesus' crucifixion? One can only wonder...

    I was first in total and literal disbelief, but we sometimes find it hard to accept things out of the norm because of the fear of what would change after learning. I mean, just look at us; we're a variation of this concept!

    Try to have an open mind!
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    Actually that is interesting.

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