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Thread: 7 year old boy found in a diaper in basement

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    Default 7 year old boy found in a diaper in basement

    It was on CNN. Just more stupid people abusing, it really makes me sick and angry that people do that.

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    Sounds horrible. Do you have a link to the report?

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    Frack.. that is horrible... at least they turned themselves in, but... Frack

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    That is horrible some people do not deserve to be parents special after reading this sleep in coffin too I hope lide was not shut that scary as hell thinking about it.

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    Wow seriously fucked up.

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    It didn't suggest why he was in a diaper. Only that he was. Not a very detailed article.

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    It happened really close to where I grew up. I know some people who went to high school with the mother and they said she was always screwed up in the head. Really sick, really sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmbezeSubHealth View Post
    It didn't suggest why he was in a diaper. Only that he was. Not a very detailed article.
    I dobut it could be. The only people that kno what happened is the 7 year old boy and the two fucktard's that forced him to sleep in a basement inside a damn coffin and told ghosts were down there. Just those two things are fucked up by themselves. Then you add diapers and apparently duct tape.

    That's some horrible shit.

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    Parents of the year award worthiness... NOT!!!! This is sickening and very wrong. Very abusive and makes me want to go barf up what I ate last night. I am horrified that they could do this to a child like this. It is very cruel, unusual, and holy heck mates. I am not amused by this course of hair brained action which is complete asinine. I am glad that the parents turned them selves in. Knowing that it was a stepfather instead of the real father makes me hope and pray that the real father could get some custody of the child.

    Bug infested basement is one thing.
    Sleeping in a coffin at such an early age like that is another thing.
    Being told that there are ghost down there is another horrible thing.
    Being in a diaper at that age is yet another disgusting and horrible thing.
    Being bound in duct tape like that is yet another disgusting, inhumane, and horrible thing.


    *Sighs some stress and anger relieving sighs and closes my eyes listening to some tranquil music thinking of my happy place while petting a kitty and cuddling the purring bundle of fur*

    Justice will prevail.

    All the Best!

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