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    ... I have been undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for the last few months and I see many mentions of therapy around the site, be it a suggestion to others or a personal experience. This led to my curiosity regarding the genuine number of members who have undertaken it and how common it may be amongst our little family here.

    I've made it a poll so it is possible to answer and remain anonymous, though any opinions and anecdotes are also welcome. Perhaps you could explain how useful you found/find it(?) since I, personally, do not feel as though I have progressed very far in the four months I've had, despite having only two sessions left...!

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    If this form of therapy didn't help you it would be a good idea to seek out psychoanalytical therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on changing behavior and thought, usually without regard to the subconscious while the subconscious is the focus of psychoanalytical. In my opinion CBT only treats the symptoms of a problem while Psychoanalytic treats the actual problem.

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    None of the above.

    Had it won't ever again.

    It is not much more advanced than Sigmund Freud.

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    I have been thinking about seeing a psychologist about these things that still bother me and i feel totaly open to share anything but i feel that seeing someone would not help me all that much. I have a very good memory on alot of things in life and alot of them bad memories always comes back to my mind randomly and then that sad emotion would come back to me again. I tried to block out these memories and not think about them but like i said they always come to mind at random even in my dreams while im asleep.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Since I have a dissociative disorder, I will probably be in therapy for the rest of my life. However, the frequency in which I have to see my counselor has diminished over the years as my mental health has improved.

    Some good milestones for me:
    -- No cutting or other self-inflicted injury for two years
    -- I haven't lost awareness for a significant chunk of time in about five years.

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    I've been going to therapy for 6 years. It's great to be able to express your feelings in a safe environment with a professional who can help you solve issues you may be having. I highly recommend therapy (as long as your insurance covers it).

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    How about had it and may or may not choose to see someone again?

    I saw someone one more than one occasion in my life and the experience and end result were positive both times.

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    I've post tramatic stress disorder and a few other issues. I sought counciling after my mother's suicide attempt in my late 20s hopeing to learn how to deal with her. (My father had left and all but told me she was my problem.) I learned she was not my problem, I had my own due to her. I didn't understand that and quit. I went back around 40 and still go. It is a long, slow but worthwile process. It takes years to trust a therapist enough to work on the important issues. I wish I'd stuck it out when I was younger.

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    Interesting answers from everyone - and thank you for them.

    I'm pleased these things seem to have worked for most of you... I have to confess it is dawning on me that the type of therapy I'm receiving is perhaps not best suited to what I need help with... I intend to seek out further options as soon as it finishes in a couple of weeks, as it is imperative I have some kind of support whilst I endeavour to complete my final year at University. I really, really don't want to have to leave and it remain another blemish of 'unfinished' on my back-catalogue of attempts at progress!

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    I've had therapy twice in the past, one positive, one neutral experience. The first time was mandated by the school because of a joke. In art class we had to do a clay model self portrait. Mine was coming out so bad that my class mates said that it should kill itself. So I put a gun in its hand and the teacher thought I was suicidal. I was not but there was a lot going on in my life that should have came out in counseling but didn't because my mother was there with me the entire time. The shrink believed me when I lied and said my life was great and it only lasted 4 sessions.

    The second time was after I faced my alcoholism and the recovery house I was staying at asked all its residents to attend counseling of some type, be it group, clinical or something else. I chose pastoral counseling. It was much easier for me to open up to my pastor and all my pain from my childhood came out. With this type of counseling the only "treatment" is scripture and this appealed to me. I went for 6 months before I moved to take care of my father and I have no regrets in going to it. If I ever feel the need for counseling again this is the type I will use.

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