The clock is ticking fast and it seems both the NBA and the players are way too far apart for a deal right now. I myself am a Cavaliers fan and always have been even in the days when we almost lost the team in '83, and again in '99-'03 before we got LeBron James and then lost him to Miami.

I had more hope for football than I do for the basketball season right now. Oh well. At least those sides were more civil than I think the NBA and the players are right now. To me, it reminds me of the gridlock in Washington between the Democrats and the Republicans, you can't get a deal done and zero cooperation.

Will the NBA have a lost season like the NHL did in '04-'05? What do you think?

Personally, I can't stand all the greed of pro athletes these days. Back in the old days it was considered a priveledge and an honor to be a pro athlete- Now, it's all about $$$$$$$$ and greed. It's a shame really.