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Thread: wearing to bed with out my wife knowing

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    Default wearing to bed with out my wife knowing

    i need your guys help i have an enlarged prostate and i have been wetting my self while sleeping. so i have worn a diaper now for 4 nights in a row with out my wife knowing. she knows im a diaper lover and she hates that part of me. and she thinks that im just pretending to get into diapers do yall think i should just keep wearing to bed till she finds out or what any ideas

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    You should go to the doctor and ask for his advice. Or you could show your wife this website: Adult Bedwetting | Incontinence, Nocturia, Enlarged Prostate, and Prolapse Information

    What doesn't she believe? The enlarged prostate? You could get a note from your doctor?

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    To be honest, if it is a medical problem then tell her straight up. Thats also a good way to get diapers to wear without suspicion.

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    i tried and she dont wont me to she said if i wanna wear diapers i can sleep on the couch. because she thinks im doing just for fun which i aint gonna lie it is very nice to wear to bed but i got a reason to

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    If I were you I would go to the doctor with your problem. OK diapers might be fun but your health is more important!

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    the doc already knows about it and gave me medican but im still leaking pretty good and i saw the doc 3 months ago by the way

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    if your wife won't let you wear them for a legitimate medical problem, then you might need to rethink your relationship...

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    I agree with what others have said about going to the doctor and I suggest taking your wife with you so there can be no doubt that you have a medical condition. I would also suggest that you be open to the possibility that there might be medication that could correct this. I know that it probably feels good to have a reason to wear at night but it doesn't really solve anything. If your wife is so dead set against you wearing diapers then perhaps its time for you to do some soul searching. There are no easy answers here and I wouldn't presume to give you one. All I can do is wish you the best and hope that everything works out in the end. Good luck to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazymb View Post
    the doc already knows about it and gave me medican but im still leaking pretty good and i saw the doc 3 months ago by the way
    you need to go back to him for more help then and if he wont help you, you need to seek another doctors advice

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    Maybe you and your wife should see your doctor together. Wearing protection to bed when you're leaking is a logical thing to do. If your wife cannot accept that, perhaps your next visit should be to a marriage counselor. Even if she doesn't approve of diapers, she needs to be more considerate of your medical problem.

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