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    OK so my parents decided to forego our normal summer vacation and instead save money by going out into the country for a week at my grandparents farm while they are away so we can take care of their animals while they are away ( no horsies : ( btw ) the furst time i heard of this was at the star of summer and i was adamant about not going because i hate going their because all their is to do around there is tool around in my grandpas workshop and watch my grandmas crappy 5 inch tv with tele mundo and local programing. They forced me out here and i am bored half to death the most advanced technology i have is my cell phone which i am posting this from. I asked my parents to let me go home but they said no and wont even talk about it to me at all. i hate it here i am miserable and i feel like crying myself to sleep knowing i have another week to go of this. ohh and on top of that i have ADD and boredom is super hard on my pyshce. i am pissed off knowing that i completed my crappy job just to hauled out to the country to be bored and angry and depressed. and my parents think that i have tons to do when realy there isnt much anything to do. i want to convince my parents to drive 30 minutes out of the way and drive me home but they refuse while my older brother gets to go and have fun off at college. i hate life

    just venting secret101

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    Ugh, that has to suck. Maybe playing thread games would offset a little boredom?

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    The title made me think of those beer commercials of I think it's Coors beer..With cans with like a special vent or something...*Leaves the topic awkwardly*

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    You's gonna be ok!

    Well, you could text your friends, talk to them on the phone, that might help. You can play the thread games as stated above ^ I hope you make it through boredom ok!

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    I'd be having a great time if I was out there. No TV, no distractions, ample time for writing and meditation...

    Oh well, to each his own.

    If you're stuck all the way out in the country, might as well enjoy it as best you can. Go for a walk in a forest and just take in the sights and sounds. My friend was in a similar situation once and he stumbled upon a field of marijuana plants. See? You never know what you`re going to find.

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    With your age being 15, yeah, you're pretty much stuck for another week while your parents take care of the place for them. The only thing you can do, as others have suggested, is to keep busy doing something. You need to make time seem to go by faster. Sitting in front of a 5" TV won't do it. *Pram checks to see if being stuck with a 5" TV for a week falls under the heading of "cruel and unusual punishment" for kids.*:wink: Since you're grandparents are older, perhaps there's some minor maintenance here and there you could do for them in addition to helping with the animals. I'm sure they would appreciate that and you'll feel good about helping them out. The more you can find to busy yourself the faster the week will fly by.


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    My grandparents have a farm with cows...I bottle fed one before...It was SO cool...My grandpa has like 10 shotguns and lets me shoot them...FUN! It's rather boring though...But they DO have Dish Network and a 35" TV...Owned! I'm sorry about your boredom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    My grandparents have a farm with cows...I bottle fed one before...It was SO cool...My grandpa has like 10 shotguns and lets me shoot them...FUN!
    I hope you mean shoot the guns & not shoot the cows!! You might want to clear that up, 'k!! Pojo might get bothered if you don't!!

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    Go for walks!

    What animals do they have? I could spend hours watching a pig. Have a starring contest with a goat.

    They have any dogs? Walk time! Throw balls and such.



    Ring your brother and beg him to take you out somewhere?

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