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Thread: Diaper fitting

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    Default Diaper fitting

    I have a little question.

    I want to buy disposable baby diapers. But I'm not sure if they would fit.

    I'd like to buy Luvs size 6 or Pampers size 7. I'm around 120 lbs. Would the stretchy sides be stretchy enough to work??

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Weight doesn't really matter...It's the length that you want to worry about

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    It would depend on your waist length. Do you know that?

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    I wish I did, but we don't have a freaking cloth measuring tape in this house! *sigh*

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    I'm 180lb with a 34 waist no baby diaper will fit. I love the and use them all the time with extenders made from the velcro bits, some elastic waistband ant hot melt glue. Their lowrise but hold more than the cheepo adult diapers, more jell stuff.


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    Excellent idea.
    I've wondered how many times you can wet them without them leaking. do you know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shu View Post
    Excellent idea.
    I've wondered how many times you can wet them without them leaking. do you know?

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    How much in your "wet"?

    I can get 2 small ones or one "gotta go". About the same as a CVS adult but the jell keeps it from pressing out as much. I add 3 doublers for a 12hr diaper. I also cover with a "tighty whity" to keep it up and then plastic pants just in case.


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    I have a 28 in waist and weigh 150 lbs what size would you suggest getting??

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    Small or Medium, bigger is usually better because you can tape it tighter, you can't make it bigger.

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