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Thread: anyone ever intenually cause incontinence on themselves??

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    Question anyone ever intenually cause incontinence on themselves??

    just wondering... and if u did, how? (only if u feel comfortable saying) i dont want to... just wondering

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    I haven't but I definitely want to. I used to wet the bed, and I honestly don't care what people think of me. Pretty much everyone knows I'm a teen baby anyway, lol. I plan on using the 12 month diaper training program, I'm just waiting for supplies, (they say you should buy disposables for the program, but I don't have the funds to keep buying disposables so a cheaper more earth-friendly approach is to buy cloth ones and so I'm saving my pennies for those).

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    yea, i read the 12 month plan, its sounds pretty fun, im planning to try it when i get my own place end of next year,

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    Incontinence is easy to cause on yourself - just go pee :-)

    It's challenging to put up with the hassle of doing that consistently though. I've been in a position to try it a few times in life, and I never last more than a few days. Good luck, take your time, don't take any drugs or hurt yourself physically. Nobody will know that your accidents are really intentional :-)

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    This is a subforum for people who are incontinent, and their support. This is not a forum to learn how to make yourself incontinent, for two reasons:

    1. Making yourself incontinent is a very silly idea which we do not condone here at ADISC.

    2. It is also a form of self harm, and talking about self harm is against the rules.

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