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Thread: I think I have a slightly different story here.

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    Smile I think I have a slightly different story here.

    A very unoriginal greeting unfortunately: Hello.

    I'm 16, and I'm on here for a different reason than most I assume. I'm a diaper lover of sorts, but I don't think I'm quite the same as the rest (mind you, everyone has their different ways)

    I never had a diaper fetish naturally, I was introduced to it by my boyfriend of nearly 3 years now, and over time it began to become a fetish of mine as well. A rather odd story huh? I think what's really different with me is that I don't go out and buy diapers myself, but when with my boyfriend it's really sexual and we wear diapers together a whole lot^^ I love it, I really feels so good, especially us together I have to admit though. Maybe I'm getting too private now but man are they comfy? Even like..boys drynites. XD

    So anyway, that's me signing off and..that's my story. I hope to post threads around here as soon as I come up with new ideas or whatever.

    'Til soon!

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    Too true huh? I guess some of us are very lucky^^

    This forum seems lively at least,

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    Gahhhh that guy is one lucky duck *pouts* anyways
    welcome and yes we are pretty lively here hope to see you post around

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    Too true^^ it's a difficult life for most, but there are people out there willing to accept it You just have to find them and some day everyone will

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    Welcome to the sight ^^

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    I hope you enjoy it here!

    *cuddles candlestick*


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    Thank you very much!

    *new member huggles back*

    Ahh cuddle whore, I know the feeling

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