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    Default attends plus from 1992

    hi there, i just bought a case of 72 (big ass case) of ultra attends plus from 1992, i cracked it open and have used 2 so far, i only payed $25 for the whole case, but i dont know what to do with them all, anyone want 15-20? are these collectors items?

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    Hot damn son! I'll gladly take some if you're giving them! Those suckers are gold!

    You should put a pack of them on e-bay... you'll make that $25 back and then some!

    Also... where the heck did you get them? Do they have more?

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    Footed P.J.


    Weird. People like those vintage footed PJ's with the stripes and the tight fit (and sometimes hood), but vintage diapers? I can see buying the box; I like old ads a lot, especially from the 80's.

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    A pack of vintage attends will go on e-bay for around $100.

    There are some rich AB/DLs out there.

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    Dude, sell that stuff! (and/ or send some my way )

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    i'd take some. i need something better than my cvs brand diapers. what size are they?
    oh, forgot to say please.

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    I'd be willing to pay shipping if you'd send afew my way........ please....... pretty pretty please

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    I wrote other stuff in this post so I would be able to keep my caps.

    Sell them, do not help your fellow *B/DL's. They are yours, sell.

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