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    hi there, i'm sorry for the unimaginitive title, but it's all i could think of lol. i just discoverd this site a while a go and discovered there are thers like me, i'm 17 and from Dover in the UK, i'm a babyfur/DLfur depending on how the mood takes me, i'm a little shy when talking to new people but once i get to know pweople a bit more i open up a lot, i'm into RP (even though i'm just learning) and i really love cute things (mostly cute diaper bunnies) i'm also a bassist and lyriccist for a rock band, well that's pretty much all i can think of now, if you wanna know more just drop me a comment, well, look forward to hearing from ppl ^^

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    welcome to ADISC! we are glad to have you here!!

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    Hey, welcome to the site!

    So, you play in a rock band, what kind of music do you like (other than the obvious!)?

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    Welcome spitfire!

    What are your hobbies (other than the obvious instrument playing)?[COLOR="Silver"]

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    hey thanks, i'm into a bit of everything when it comes to music, as long as it's good quality, a bit of metal, punk, electronica, house, reggae, indie, old scool rock, and a bit of hip-hop. my personal top 5 bands Apache, Bob marley and the wailers, nirvana, the ramones, and rhcp. as for hobbies it really doesn't go much further than the band, maintaining my motorbike, college, clubbing and net surfing (i'm a bit sad lol) hope this answers you questions ok

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