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Thread: only able to wet diaper while standing, help.

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    Default only able to wet diaper while standing, help.

    Whenever I'm all diapered up I'm having trouble peeing while lying down on my bed. Even if I wait till I'm just starting to pee and then lie face down on my bed really quickly I instantly stop peeing. My favorite part of being diapered is wetting my diaper while I'm lying face down in bed. Can I get aroused so quickly that it stops me from peeing? If I'm lying down on the bed and then stand up I can usually pee within 30. Seconds. I tried lying on my side but that didn't help either. Any ideads? It's driving me crazy.

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    I have that problem usually when I am laying on my back. It takes a while but if I get my mind off of it, calm myself, and quell the anticipation, it makes it so I can release with only a little pressure.I know that's a hard(no pun intended, really couldn't think of another word) proposition when you have to go but can't. It is going to take some practice but you'll get there. I'm not sure how state of arousal affects it since it doesn't happen for me till afterward.

    On a side note, I noticed that you don't have an intro thread yet. While everyone here is happy to answer questions, we also like to know a bit about the person behind the diaper. Doesn't have to be a novel sized endeavor, just something small with your interests, like which books you read or if you play video games.

    And on that note I welcome you to ADISC. See you on the boards.

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    try learning to do it lying on your back with your legs bent and knees flopping to the sides, then work on changing positions worked best for me

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    It might help to wait until you are bursting to go and then "adopt the position" of your choice - time and tide wait for no man - so what you want should happen - do that a few times and your body will adapt to the new regime you are imposing on it.

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    It can take quite a while to get use to peeing in different positions. It used to be really difficult for me as well. Over time, I got used to most positions and while doing things like walking but I still can't while driving a car.

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    You don't really know how much of an effect potty training has until you try and reverse it.

    Best advice i can think of is:
    Sit up on the side of your bed. Start the flow, and lay back down without "Pinching off". That way, you'll get used to the feeling. In time, you'll be able to just go wherever and whenever you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbenaLeaf View Post
    You don't really know how much of an effect potty training has until you try and reverse it.
    I seem to be able to pretty much switch my potty training off at will... with the sole exception of lying down, which still requires a massive amount of concentration

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    I have the same thing; I wouldn't necessarily call it a problem for me since I know I will never lose control and wet the bed sometime undiapered. I do wish I was like a DL I know who said when he wears one to bed he wets, when he doesn't, he doesn't.

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    It took me 20 years to be able to wet anytime while laying on my back in bed.

    First you can not force it, you will only make it harder to go.

    Its a process of relaxing till it starts to flow not pushing.

    It is also a brain problem in you are programed to not wet the bed and you have to fully trust you diaper. and i would get some plastic pants and/or a good pad so your brain knows you are fully protected.

    Wearing and wetting in your diaper 24/7 for a few months helps and don't just wet when your bladder is full. wet when you feel the slightest pressure.

    Me i had to learn to wet my diaper anytime i was in bed.

    I am disabled and have a number if sleep disorders that cause me problems of getting back to sleep if i have to get up and go to the bathroom.

    If i get up walk to the bathroom and go back to bed it takes me a hour to get back to sleep. and due to meds i take and my diabetes i would have to do this 3 to 4 times a night. Using stuffer is mandatory for a good thick diaper.

    If i just roll over on my back half asleep wet the diaper and roll back to a comfortable position and fall right back to sleep in minutes, No turning on the light or getting up in the cold. or walking to wake me fully.

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    My bladder is iron tight when I lay down on my back compared to the front, but I've found it easier to do on my side when I'm playing a game or something. Yeah, laying down and sleeping in a diaper even doesn't make me wet.

    The funny thing is, I have a big history of having mild small spots when I'm sleeping w/o a diaper on, and it is urine that I'm talking about.

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