I'm reviewing a diaper from what company I don't know all I know is that the title on the pack says Hospital Pack 10 Disposable Diapers size Large. It's from eroupe but it's avilable in my country(Trinidad & Tobago). They are extremely thick diapers with excellent tapes and absorbency. They have held up to either 1 1/2 wettings or 1 1/4 wettings with messing(from enema). I dont have any photo's as I'm trying to obtain more through my mom(she supports me). Their about 60 TTD or around 10 USD a pack which is extremely cheap as diapers this good back where I used to live(Texas) they costed around 30 to 40 USD. Sorry if my description sucks as I have Dyslexia which most of y'all should know what it does if not go to Wikipedia.org for info.