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Thread: Drum cover on Youtube finally!!!

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    Default Drum cover on Youtube finally!!!

    I've uploaded my first video of a drum cover! Please watch and give your opinion!

    Lazyguy1393 - YouTube

    Read the description too! I know it's not perfect, but it's the only one I had time for before I had to call it a night :p

    Also, if you're going to comment on the page itself, please don't mention anything about AB/DL...although I know most of you would have enough common sense not to anyways.

    EDIT: Holy shit, I just had a small panic attack. Apparently Youtube posts the websites where the video URL was posted...I just saw right under the video.

    I hope this fixes it...I told my sister about the video!
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    Sweet 50-piece set, and even sweeter drumming! Nice job!

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    Thank guys! I probably should do a better cover next time though...this one was too sloppy for my taste :p

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    I have to remove that video and re-upload another copy. ADISC under the "as seen on" will not go away. I can't risk being found out by my sister through that! F**k them for being so inconvenient!

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