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Thread: Telling a friend

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    Red face Telling a friend

    I really want to tell my best friend that I like to wear and use diapers but I'm not quite sure how to approach it, or if I even should. It would help if you could help me figure this out. My friend is fairly open minded and knows almost everything about me. Any tips or suggestions would be quite helpful.

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    I see your from Mn, I also am, I am just south of the cities in Dakota County, First off why do you want to tell your friend.

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    Ask your friend the general question somthing like this. what do you think about people who weae diapers? if called on it you couls say somthing like i was just wondering what your thoughts might be. if your friend seems to be comfortable with the conversation, then if your friend is a true friend slowly graduate yourself in to the subject. IFyour friend is a true friend they will support your lifestyle. if not they probably wasnt a friend to begin with. expect some concern and some reactions. that will level out in time. this is coming from a long time ab/dl sissy thats had a lot of expierence dealing with this subject with this subject in my own life.
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    well, I'm getting prepared to tell him. I asked if he would still be my friend even if i had some unorthodox interests. i just hope he says yes.

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    Well my boyfriend first told me about it, said he was interested in it. When you saw my positive reaction to this, he took the next step of telling me he actually wanted to wear it and so on and so on. Might be a help for you

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    thanks!! it gives me hope that he will accept me. and maybe join me.

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    Don't push it!! If he wants to, he'll let you know. You wouldn't be the first one pushing boundries too far too soon


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    I think there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to make sure YOUR sure you want to reveal this side of yourself to your friend.
    1. What do you think you will gain from telling?
    2. Do you know what you want to say?
    3. Whats the risk of it going wrong?
    4. Whats the worst that could happen if it does go badly?
    I know it is all too easy to only see the negatives in a situation like this but the secret we all share is not something you can play off if it becomes known to all your friends.
    I have told a friend of mine and it went well. When I say well, I mean he hasnt told anyone else and understands where im coming from a little bit more now. Its still awkward when it comes up, which rarely happens although he is fine with it. It took me a few months from deciding I wanted to tell him to actually finding the right situation to do it.
    All I can say is dont rush into it, plan what you want to say, and good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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    I considered both sides very carefully. I am not going to ask him to join, but i will tell him. i dont like keeping secrets from him.

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    i told him today... now i am waiting for the dreaded response!! Bumbumbum

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