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Thread: Goodnites Boxer Shorts for Boys

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    Default Goodnites Boxer Shorts for Boys

    Anyone tried Goodnites Boxer Shorts? which is better, these or normal g'nites?

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    I think the normal ones hold more, but I used to take the boxer style and rip the boxer material off of the waste band. Then you are left with a diaper without sides (like a normal diaper) and a waist band instead of tapes. Plus with out the boxer material the inside doesn't have any designs (which I like better), and it is smooth plastic like a real diaper.

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    They are smaller and were supposed to hold more. They are basically a belted undergarment with paper shorts on the outside. They have been discontinued so if you can get a good deal on them you might as well pick up a pack or two. I tried them when they came out, looked like bike shorts on me for until I moved and they ripped.

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    You can't buy them from stores anymore

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    I use to wet the bed and we got the boxers one time and they were terrible and they're super uncomfortable unless u cut the boxers off

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    I am one of the few fans of the GN boxers. They are more absorbent than GN briefs and a lot more discrete if you wear in public. They are the same size and regular goodnites, but they don't stretch out as much and therefore they feel smaller. If you are less than 120 lbs then they will fit fine. I recommend only buying them if you can get them in packs of 10 or cases of 40 (stay clear of 11 or 44). When they originally came out they were made of very cheap and crappy material and came in bags of 11. After a couple years, they changed the product to have a very nice, soft, and sturdy material, but they only came in bags of 10. The newer ones look just like real boxers and I have even cut out the pad and worn them like normal underwear (the older ones look like medical gowns and they rip). The best part in my opinion is that their waistband looks like normal underwear not a pullup; if they peak over the top of pajamas or pants, no one will know that you are wearing a diaper. They are also soft and very comfortable if they fit well. Side note, the absorbent pad is plastic backed which makes it a unique product in this day and age and very unique for a pull up.

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    I know people used to get those because the diaper part is plastic backed.

    But regular Goodnites are plastic backed also. There is a thin cloth layer lightly glued to it, and if you have 3-4 minutes worth of patients, you can simply pull it off.

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