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Thread: Hi from downunder!

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    Default Hi from downunder!

    Hi, Im an AB/LG from australia. Ive always felt this way and wondered why I didnt fit in well!. I'm a contract software developer ready to move to something else.

    I guess being a girl inside and a boy outside is confusing for all of us. Finding not only comfort but IDENTITY in a wet nappy and a frilly girls dress is impossible to explain to anyone who doesnt equally feel it.

    well thats me! Hope to say hi to a few of you eventually.

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    I don't equally feel it but I get it. So you are tg, or do you feel male but kind of with an alt persona as a lg? We come in all sorts of flavors and variations, even boring old fuddy-duddy dl raccoons.

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    From early days I've felt the gender confusion that emanates form the girl inside. the adult acts and lives as a male but the inner little girl(s) is never far away. I wet the bed because I am 'little'. wearing a nappy makes me feel both safe and 'right'. wearing a dress a baby things doesnt feel as much like a ROLE but as who I am - sometimes. Its awkward and confusing and frustrating and difficult to deal with so much variation in age and gender. I just find a path that kinda works.

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    Hello babyjoanne, welcome to ADISC, I hope you enjoy your stay here

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    thats the plan! sounds like a group that not ony accepts but understands som of the AB/LG issues.

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    AWESOME!! (can relate)

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