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Thread: How much do you spend on diapers how many worn a week?

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    Default How much do you spend on diapers how many worn a week?

    Today i was figuring out my budget. My budget for diapers is $60 a month or $30 dollars a paycheck. I counted how many i wear a week 30 diapers a week give or take a few. I will buy a 44 pack and a 20 pack the cost i about $30 that will last me 2 weeks. I was curious if my budget was in line and number worn with any one else?

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    at the moment i am only going though about 3 or 4 diapers a week, but the diapers i wear are costly - bambinos. So i think i spend about $10 - $20 a week. But recent personal changes (suddenly i stopped biting my nails - been doing that for 20 some odd years) suggest that i might start wearing more.
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    I have been rather conservative on my diaper wearing. lately I've been triple diapering with Wal Green's brand (Certainty). If all I do is wear them around the house for a couple hours, I carefully slide them off (like a pull-up) and them put them in a plastic tote in the closet. Next time I feel like wearing, I get the same diapers out and pull them up into place. Doing it carefully, they still fit quite nicely.

    Having said that, I can stretch my diaper supply quite far. It's after I've worn the diapers a few times that I will toss them out, and put another 3 together and start over again. The exception to this has been if I wet, then I will toss em out and start again. If I got fresh new diapers eaach time I wore,,,I'd probably go through about 9 diapers a week. However, I can make the same 3 diapers (triple stacked, with slits in the inner two) last for a while.

    I recently took advantage of Wal Greens buy one get one half off sale and still have those two unopened packages of diapers. I also have some left over of a 3rd package. I have 2 totes in my closet. the first tote is where I put unopened packs. The second tote is where I have the currently opened pack as well as all my diapering supplies (lotions, powder, creams, gels, wipes, ect)

    so, saying all that to answer: I currently have no idea what my spending rate is for diapers. I will have to give it some time and see what it balances out to be.

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    I need seven diapers a week, minimum. I use Abena X-plus. When I wet, I tend to flood, so I need the thickness and the quality. That's about $1.43 each, or about $10/week, $40/month. I figure I'll want extras in case I wake up early and need my diaper changed, but still want to go back to bed (I don't like going to bed in a wet diaper). Or just to wear for fun. So $60/month is about exactly what I'm paying now.

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    Being as I am mostly a baby diaper wearer, my costs are relatively low--less than $5 a week. I use, on average, one diaper per day.


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    Well, I'm an extreme to the other end type of character, I guess. I maybe wear twice a week at most, and once a diaper is done, I'm done for a while. I have been wearing at night more frequently of late, so maybe that number will get skewed, but I can't imagine needing to budget monthly for diapers. I burned through a pack of Abena M4's in like 4 days back in December when I first dove into the pool, but since then it's been much more restrained.

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    I buy diapers once or twice a year, plus baby diapers for stuffers a couple of times a year. So figure around 80 diapers, maybe $100 total counting shipping, then ~$20 or so on baby diapers = $120/12= $10 per month or $2.50 a week.

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    Outside of work I wear 24/7. That means a 24 pack lasts for about 2 weeks (probably a little less). They cost about 17 (~$27). So about 68 (~$106) a month. Ouch. Wish I hadn't worked that out now.

    Sounds like a poll would be good for this question.

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    For one year (minimum... sometimes I need more daytime diapers which skews this a little, but generally it works out to 2ish changes per day)
    Case of 72 =$118.95
    I need 365 diapers = 5.1 orders $603.00
    Abena M3
    Case of 88 =$86.95
    I need 730 diapers = 8.2 orders $721.30

    So for Diapers alone I Pay $1,324 per year

    Pampers size 6
    case of 140=$45
    I need 1460 stuffers= 10.4 orders $469

    So in total, before plastic pants. etc.
    I spend
    $1,793 per year
    $149.44 per month
    $34.48 per week

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    yeah I typically only wear bambinos now so my cost is quite a bit. I bought two cases each of m4 s and molicares and a case of bambinos back in november of 2010. i still have a bag of the m4s and three bags of the molicares. however until recently i didn't wear much because my gf didn't know n i didn't get much alone time. Now she knows and is cool with it n likes me to sleep in them because i have problems sleeping and the diapers help me alot in that area. so i figure one ever night that about 30 diapers a month there and then we split up the week between diaper days n boxer days so that roughly another 32 so in total about 62 diapers a month .. damn.. n being that i love bambinos the best thats like 84 bux a month .. damn this blows !!.. maybe i should sleep in some cheaper diapers at night being that i usually don't wet em until i wake up in the morning but then again its really all about the bulk so who knows..

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