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Thread: I think I'm going to wear with my BF tonight!!

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    Default I think I'm going to wear with my BF tonight!!

    He's known this side of me for just over a year. We've been playing around for maybe 5-6 months, about when we moved in together?? I think we have tried it four times or so? He is vanilla, never even HEARD of this fetish before me (I corrupted him).

    Lately, he has been the one to initiate it, and I have been the one who isn't in the mood for it. My D-mood comes and goes, and I have found it's waned a lot over the recent years. We haven't tried it in months and I think we are tonight.

    Here is my issue: I am sooo self-conscious about what I look like when I wear one, that when we have tried it in the past, I usually just stayed under the covers in bed.

    How can I graduate to actually getting up and walking around?? I'll feel really exposed. Any suggestions for something to wear so I don't feel as exposed?

    Maybe we'll watch a movie or something and I can hide under a blanket on the couch.

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    that's what being in a relationship is all about, exposing part of yourself to your partner in ways that you don't to others. That's what builds that strong intimate bonds in a relationship. If you treated your partner no different than anyone else,,where is the intimacy?

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    I get what youre saying, DLCherub, I just need some help in normalizing it.

    Kinda thinking I'll wear a knit nightgown.

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    You might want to think on what is it you want to achieve with your bf while diapered. Try to avoid clothing that might send mixed signals. If you have a pair of shorts, try those. Just my own opinion here, but if you want to wear a diaper, then you might not want to incorporate clothing that suggest something else. For example a diaper might mean you want to have some time as being little or such, but adding a nightgown might add an element of intimacy that might confuse your bf. He might want to get romantic when you're wanting to be cute and little. Um,, hope that makes sense and again, just my thinking, not say this is what you should or shouldn't do.

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    Have you talked with him about the insecurity you feel as well as the ebb and flow of your desires?

    The good news is that it gets easier with time. The bad news is that it may be difficult to begin.

    Take heart and try to trust in his love for you and how he sees you rather than the self conscious images you may conjure. Male or female most of us have gone through the same thing with a partner. Listen to the wisdom others have to offer and seek advice from those whom you find have the most keen understanding of your thoughts and feelings.

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    Good points, DLCherub & Khaymen.

    A knit nightgown isn't lingerie, just like a long t-shirt material. I figure it'll give coverage (opposed to a tshirt and diaper) but not entirely covered up as if I was wearing pajama pants.

    I have talked to him about my self consciousness, he tells me not to feel that way, but I still do. I think it will go away in time, since we have only tried it a handful of times.

    Sometimes I want to start out as little and then... grow up.

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    Hey Cool where abouts in Mn are you from, I am just south of the twin cities.

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    I think what DL is trying to say is that; dont ware anything that suggests your in a mood that you really arnt. Here is what i suggest; Tell your BF that you have all ways been worried about wearing a diaper outside of the bed and you would like to give it a try tonight. And tell him what kind of mood you are in - that way you don't have to worry so much about what what signals you are sending. If you choose to leave the house while wearing a diaper (i know it can be scary) then talk to your BF, ask him to keep an eye out on people, ask him to support you in a possibly scary time.

    As for going out in public wearing a diaper - Start out with small, light weight, low noise diapers. And wear something heavy like blue genes. At first i was to scared to go out in public (in many ways i still am) but i did, i started out with light pullups and tight underwear. Nothing happened, was like any normal day at high school(back when i was in high school). After that i relaxed a little bit and started just wearing pullups under my genes. Still nothing happened, no one pointed, no one laughed, no one even made any motion that indicated that anyone knew. After that i started with a bulker diaper that was rather loud, but i wore tight underwear that helped a great deal. Still nothing happened. I just kept working up in that manor until one day, i wore the biggest loudest diaper i could think of (bambino) and threw on the thinest clothing i could think of (my high school gym clothing) and when out shopping. I was scared, heart beating, sweating slightly. And still no one noticed. No one cared. I could hear the sound of my diaper when i passed by stands and shelf's and yet no one even gave me a second look. This was not even 2 weeks ago.

    My advice is to take it slow. Start out with watching a movie on the couch hiding under the blankets like you suggested. Maybe one day you might come out of those blankets and just sit there on the couch in a diaper. Just take it slowly. Take it easy.

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