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    I see and hear a lot about landing I have a couple of questions for those who have experience. Do landing zones help the tapes stick better or are they just to facilitate refastening? I got a pack of Tranquility ATNs and IMHO the tapes suck. They held for only about 15 minutes. Even when I tried the 'rubbing the tapes' to make them stick better they still didn't last 'ATN'. I like Abenas...the tapes stick well, and they hold alot.

    I want to try the packing tape trick with my Tranquility ATNs but if that trick only makes refastening easier then it will do me no good.

    Opinions are requested, and thank you.

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    I don't know if this is right or not but I think the landing zones are there to have a snugger fit on an adult or child. Or maybe it's just so you can tape it on even though I always stick my tabs on the sesame street pictures of my nappies.

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    the plastic on the outside of atn's rips really easily if you try to take it off.
    that helps it to stick better, but you can't adjust it if you accidentally tape it wrong.

    the packing tape trick just makes it easier to take off and refasten (either if you taped wrong the first time or if you want to take it off and put it back on). I haven't tried it, but i'd also think that it would provide a smoother surface to tape onto and utilize all of the adhesive on it.
    (i'm not as much of an expert on this however)

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    Landing zones are usually just a thicker material that's unlikely to tear under strain. Except in the case of velcro tapes (like in baby diapers), I wouldn't expect the landing zones to improve the adhesion of the tapes. Rather, they'll just keep you from ripping a hole in the front of the diaper.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveTDL View Post
    I want to try the packing tape trick with my Tranquility ATNs Opinions are requested, and thank you.
    I don't like packing tape because it is not flexible enough. I use either clear or white duct tape. Duct tape, as used on a diaper, will have some stretch to it, unlike packing tape. Also, duct tape has much better adhesive for sticking. What I usually do is, tape the tabs in place, then place a pieces of duct tape over top of the tape tabs to secure them from popping loose.

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    I have never been able to get the tapes on the landing zone. Being so big i find that the tapes normally don't work for me, so i have to use some kind of tape. I like packing tape because of how stiff it can be and i like to place a little bit of packing tape on the inside of the diaper as it helps keep the diaper from sliding down, but duct tape is also great because of its ability to stretch a little bit.

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    I'm another one who never really uses the landing zones. On size small diapers they result in a too tight fit, and on medium they result in a too loose fit. On the Tena Slips that I use it doesn't seem to make much difference where you stick the tapes though. You can adjust them without worrying and they've never come unstuck yet for me.

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    Well I tried the packing tape trick and it really did not help the tapes stick any better. I'll stay with Abenas since they have been the best at everything so far.

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    The only experience that I have with a diaper landing zone is Secure X-Plus and Bambino Bianco. The landing zone on these diapers is a smooth area of plastic on the front of the diaper. The landing zone enables you to reposition the tapes if you don't quite get them in the right place on the first try. The tapes and the landing zones on these diapers work well, and I like them better than the double-layer tape system that you find on many other brands such as Molicare and Abena.

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