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Thread: Crappy sitcoms?

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    Default Crappy sitcoms?

    Why are there SOOOO many?

    to name a few

    Two And A Half Men
    Til Death
    New Amsterdam
    Back To You
    Lipstick Jungle
    My Name Is Earl
    Just Shoot Me
    George Lopez
    Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother
    The Ex List
    The Secret life of American teenager { Cmon srsly? }

    Why do the networks fill our TVs with junk?

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    My parents are currently fans of Two and a Half Men.... I've seen a few episodes and I think it's a decent show. The humour is more adult oriented, so it doesn't feel so immature.

    Other than that, there are a lot of crappy TV shows out there...

    ...and a lot of crappy script-writers too.

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    Yeah but the jokes seem soooo forced. And that one kid in it is just doesnt seem funny at all to me, I do hate most CSI's tho but I love the opening song. THE WHO FTW

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret101 View Post
    Yeah but the jokes seem soooo forced. And that one kid in it is just doesnt seem funny at all to me, I do hate most CSI's tho but I love the opening song. THE WHO FTW

    You're right there. But then again, all comedy in the scripted media is "forced" to some degree. It's all about how well the cast presents it and how realistically they can pull it off so it seems as natural as possible. If I wanted true comedy, I'd watch reality TV, but unfortunately those shows are even worse.

    CSI is good... but I only like the original one.

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    Two and a half men- Funny most of the time
    CSI- Needs to go away because it is very boring.

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    They sure have been pumping out a lot of crap lately. I'd still prefer most of the shows in your list over a lot of that reality crap they are pumping out. Like Nanny 911, Super Nanny, Kid Nation, etc. Those are three examples of reality crap I couldn't stand at all, there is plenty more though. I tend to watch more discovery channel type stuff than anything else.

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    I absolutely adore Discovery Channel, SciFi Channel, History Channel, and Comedy Central. Two And a Half Men is pretty funny some times. I like CSI, but I hate how scripted it is.

    I absolutely loath every reality show on MTV and VH1. It's SO scripted that its not even funny, in fact I scoff at their stupidity. *hits TV with tail*

    Ever seen "Date My Mom"? G's To Gents? New York Goes To Hollywood? I Love New York? I Love New York 2? Oh my God...WORST SHOWS EVER!

    New York is a *****y ****off who is so self absorbed, I am surprised no one has shot her yet...No volunteers? Fine...

    How ever, I do really enjoy Dirty Jobs, which is on Discovery Channel. It's interesting to know what I don't want to do. I love Myth Busters, and I have only seen one whole episode of Smash Lab, but seems pretty good, also.

    Future Weapons is another one of my favorite shows, in which lots of guns and explosions are shown...I, too, one day hope to shoot a grenade half a mile and blow up a truck full of terrorists.

    Well, I am WAY off topic...Ever seen That's 70's Show? So annoying...Someone please shoot Fez...

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    two And A Half Men-still going
    Joey- canceled
    Til Death- might still be on but really who cares.
    New Amsterdam- is it still on?
    Back To You- Kelsy Grammer a great comdian/actor that's being used for worthless shit.
    Chuck- Not a sitcom
    Lipstick Jungle- Sex In The City ripoff
    My Name Is Earl- boring, to me at least.
    Becker- canceled and old
    Just Shoot Me-canceled and old
    George Lopez- That's canceled I think
    Big Bang Theory- CBS looking to fill the hole raymond left.
    How I Met Your Mother- Still looking for raymond
    The Ex List- Stupid
    The Secret life of American teenager - Juno was funny, ABC wants a slice of that cake.

    List of awesome tv shows that can might teach ya something.

    Modern Marvels
    The Deadliest Catch
    Survivor Man
    Man Vs Wild, (even if they bear cheated somewhat)
    The Universe
    Pen And Tellers Bullsh!t (Showtime, DVD)
    Anything on the military channel
    Anything on The Science Channel

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    I like My Name is Earl! And Big Bang Theory!

    The rest of them I've either never heard of, or don't appear on proper TV channels.

    Advantage of living in Britain: All American programmes go through the ****-filter and so we tend to only get the decent ones. Or at least, we don't get loads of this rubbish.

    *Wonders if America gets any British Sitcoms*

    Surely The Office and Extras?

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    I'm so glad I don't have cable anymore. LuvsGurl & I got tired of paying $50/mo to watch ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... so we told the cable company to take a hike. Now we watch only what we want to thanks to the glories of free wireless internet and Netflix. I do miss watching the news sometimes... but I can get all the lovely stories about the US economy going down the drain and the two Presidential candidates squabbling off of Yahoo for free as well.

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