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  • Completely Straight

    51 28.98%
  • Straight, but slightly attracted to same sex

    19 10.80%
  • Straight, but moderately attracted to same sex

    5 2.84%
  • Bi, more attracted to opposite sex

    16 9.09%
  • Bi, attracted to both sexes equally

    12 6.82%
  • Bi, more attracted to same sex

    19 10.80%
  • Gay, but moderately attracted to the opposite sex

    7 3.98%
  • Gay, but slightly attracted to the opposite sex

    18 10.23%
  • Completely gay

    29 16.48%
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Thread: Rate Your Sexuality

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    I'm 100% Straight, I have told this to the 7-8 guys that have come out to me during my 18 years of existence.
    With that said I am very comfortable with my sexuality because i am perfectly fine with other men being gay towards me whether It's in a joking way or in a serious way.
    Also all my friends think I'm gay based on the way I act :p

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    And the cycle starts anew. What is it about every 18 months such a discussion on sexuality and orientation comes up here?

    I'm always interested in the outcome, however it always ends up being shown as being a skewed result.

    Is this a personal curiosity, or do you wish to glean something from it?

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    One hundred percent straight. I went through a phase, as we all most likely have, where I wasn't sure on my sexuality. After some long thought, I realize now that I am, indeed, one hundred percent straight, without a doubt.

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    Would rather have sex with the opposite sex, but get more turned on by young male porn. Actually, I'm attracted to paper and pixels.

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    And while I wouldn't want to have sex with a male, there are plenty of males I would say are attractive even if I don't go out of my way to look at them.

    I think it more of an ease with acknowledging attractive males similar to how females tend to be more comfortable acknowledging other attractive females regardless of their sexual orientation.

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    My behavior the Dore Alley Street Fair in San Francisco said quite a lot about my sexual preference. Also, if you decide to Google it, parental advisory recommended.

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