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Thread: Anyone else play Magic?

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    Default Anyone else play Magic?

    Just wondering, but does anyone else on the sit play Magic: The Gathering. Me and my dad have played this card game for years and have sank alot of money into it but I was just wondering - anyone else hear of or the play the game? If so, favorite deck type?

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    Oh, I used to play, years ago. I stopped playing a few years back, mainly because interest had died in my area. I preferred green/white decks or all artifact decks. I did have a pretty nasty sparkle deck (no creatures, just enchants and direct damage) that could pull off a few wins if I got lucky. (Watching my opponent take mana burn to cast a simple 1 cost spell was always entertaining.) Unfortunately, I no longer have a majority of my cards.

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    I don't but I have friends who play the game. I am not much a card gamer but I have a lot of friends that are big into it and sink a lot of money into the game cards.

    Magic's been around since I was in high school back in the '90s. I can remember my brother-in-law and his friends playing Magic at lunch time every day.

    I gotta give the series props. And yeah, I know a little bit of it because of my friends being into it.


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    I used to play Magic years ago, still have a deck or two to play with close friends, now the only TCG I take halfway seriously is The Spoils.

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    I prefer YuGiOh, but I'm a casual Magic player as well. I run a crappy mono green deck :P

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    I have a friend who has a 3 ring binder full of all kinds of magic the gathering cards. I have never played it though. I have friends that enjoy a lot other card games. One of my favorite card games is Dominion. There are also lots of different expansion sets to that game. I've also played ascension. Some of the other Euro type games I like are settlers of Catan, and ticket to ride. Me, my wife, and several friends will get together and have a 'game night' every once in a while. I love it!

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    I have been playing since Ice Age / 4th edition. I still have my decks and play at my friends about once a week. Haven't bought many cards in about 8 years biggest purchase was a set of Beta collectors edition off ebay about 4 years ago. I don't like most of the newer cards both the new look and how they have changed a bunch of the rules no more mana burn, messed up trample to name a few.

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    I play magic the gathering with a few friends, I am somewhat good at the game. the favorite deck i use is my blue flying deck. The deck my friend always beats me with is his green elf deck. My best card i have is my Dark Depth card wich is a type of legendary snowland card that allows me to put a indestructable legendary 20/20 black avatar creature token with flying into play. Online i have bought 1000 magic the gathering cards for only 20.00 dollars

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    Butterfly Mage


    I had a few decks of MtG cards but I accidentally left them at my sister's house one year. Her husband "got religion" and threw them out. I never got back into the game since those cards could not be easily replaced and I didn't want to rebuild a new deck from scratch.

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