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Thread: How far to take this?

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    Default How far to take this?

    Hey guys, recently I've been worried about "getting caught" so started to make a plan.

    I have been pretending i have wet the bed a couple of times recently. For example taking my sheets off and asking her to put them in the wash. Few other times in the morning, mostly at the weekends, i've told my mum "i think i wet the bed a bit :s" At first said hopefully it was sweat, then the second time said i don't think it is..

    OK, so my question. Do i either:

    A. Keep at this and fake that I started wetting quite often, and needed protection

    B. Stop telling her, and use it as a story for if i get caught?

    Or anything else you think?

    Cheers guys.

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    Stop telling her. Lying about bedwetting is almost never a good idea in any case, but from a pragmatic point of view, this works better.

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    Option C: Stop lying!

    Lying is a terrible idea.

    And secondary onset enuresis is a REALLY painful thing to get tested for...

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    Lol worked for this kid i know. He got caught so he showed his Mother, his wet pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleNaruto View Post
    Lol worked for this kid i know. He got caught so he showed his Mother, his wet pants.
    Even doing that he could be sent to the doctors, have to lie about it to them, then undergo a painful procedure, then for the doctor to find that theres nothing wrong etc. The embarrassment, feeling of lying and going through procedures isn't worth it.

    Tom ima warn you to stop now, in the long run it wont help anything, trust me.

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    Mate, I'd drop it, and if she asks say they were isolated incidents, one-offs, don't drag it out.


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