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    I dont want to order any diapers online, so it limits me to the stores, what off brand diaper is there that would have the most qualities as a diaper from the 90s. Plastic, noisy, all white, thick. I prefer baby diapers, but am open to adult diapers. I bought a pack of the dollar general store brand diapers a year ago and they were nice and thick and after I removed the outer cloth cover they were plastic and wrinkly but just bought a pack a month ago and found they have changed them dramatically. I dont like them anymore. I want to find a diaper that resembles one from when I was younger. Remember I dont want to mail order

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    From what I know the better ones are found online. If your looking in stores for plastic backed diapers you should go for Depends Maximum Protection.

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    There aren't too many store bought diapers out there that haven't gone to the cloth-like backing. You will really have to do some looking. I would also recommend looking at thrift places like Good Will.

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