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Thread: Regretted telling someone?

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    Default Regretted telling someone?

    Have you ever told someone and had a bad result. If so what made you think it would be ok to tell them, what was there reaction and what happened?

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    I have never had this happen yet. I don't tell people is why. Real life I mean.

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    My brother when I was 11.

    He teased me about it for quite a while, but eventually got over it and forgot (I hope)

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatshisface View Post
    I haven't told anyone yet, so no it hasn't happened to me. But I'm sure we'll get some interesting and dramatic posts out of this.
    yea, either that, or we'll get a whole string of "I've never told anyone". I told my wife about it. It has taken a few years for her to come as far as she has with her partial acceptance of it. I told her about a year before we got engaged. Shortly after we moved to Wisconsin, I bought my first pack of diapers since being married. I give my wife credit, I can see that she is genuinely trying to understand a rather complex thing. We've only had about 3 or 4 big discussions on the topic. Other than that, it's just been a few out-of-the-blue questions then the topic is dropped.

    Currently I have a small stash of diapers in the bedroom closet. She knows about them and has left them alone. Sorry if my account seems rather dull, but it has taken 3 years of patiently talking to my wife to get when I am today, and it has been worth every minute of it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I haven't had anything horrible happen as a result of telling someone I was a DL. I did lose some friends when I came out of the closet as gay and Wiccan.

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    I think its not easy to find someone who have a good reaction when you told this, i think i will no teel anyone, i mean, why take the risk to loose friends or be teaased if its not necesarry?

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    i have told several people, mostly my girlfriends. So far the response has not been overly bad. I keep expecting bad stuff to happen in the breakups, but it never did. My current partner/wife thought it was a bit odd but she is fairly okay with it now.

    I think because I have to be really emotionally invested in the person and them in me is why it goes so well. I don't just say it out randomly.

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    i told my x-girl friend and she told me she know when we where dating.

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    Nope thankfully. I have yet to tell anyone I know in real life and plan to keep it that way.

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