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    I have a sexual urge to send a picture of myself wearing a diaper to a woman I know. Thinking about doing this excites me to no end. I fantasize about what would happen. I can imagine that what would happen is that she would humiliate me by sending it to everyone and putting it on the net. I am not 100% sure that she would but probably 90%. I would be really embarrassed if this happened, but for some reason it is probably my most fantasized event. She is the type of girl that would probably enjoy getting a pic like that to use to humiliate me.

    Has anyone ever sent a pic to a woman with this situation and what was the outcome? I am worried that I will do this sometime. I know I shouldnt but also extremely want to. Just knowing that she would have the utmost power over me with the pic and it would be totally in her power to do what she wants with it. Any past experiences or opinions would be appreciated.

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    Well you shouldn't do this, fantasizing is one thing, but when you actually do it, I am sure that you will regret it greatly.

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    What exactly does "a woman I know" imply? Do you trust each other? Do you know her well? Does she know about this side of you? Because if not, what motives would she possibly have to use the picture to humiliate you? dbtim59 is probably right though - it is one thing to only imagine what might happen, but another what actually will happen in the end. I mean I don't know your background story there. Is she into the scene? I would understand if she was your caretaker or your mistress or something and if you were so close that you would trust her with your pictures. If that was the case, she could threaten to upload the pictures somewhere if you don't follow her rules or something. But if she is just a random friend, I would advise you not to act so carelessly. If that woman was someone you trusted as a controlling person, it would be a different matter I think, because the "threatening" would be a part of the game.

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